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For most consumer digital cameras, there are now 4 major forms of digital film, also referred to as "memory cards".  They range in capacity from 16 megabytes to 8 gigabytes (that's 8,000 megabytes).  Following are photos and descriptions of the 4 major types of media.


MultiMedia Card MMC MultiMedia  or Secure Data Card (MMC/SD): This is one of the smallest and thinnest of the memory cards.  At about the size of a postage stamp, and a little smaller than SmartMedia, the MMC is available in capacities up to 2 gigabytes, with more capacity being added quickly.
Best Camcorders Memory Stick: Invented by Sony, the memory stick is shaped like a half of a stick of gum, and is available in capacities up to 4 gigabytes.  Sony has licensed the memory stick to Lexar Media and SanDisk, which will also produce the memory stick.
Compact Flash Compact Flash (Types I and II): This is the most commonly used form of "digital film".  With similar dimensions to SmartMedia, but about 3x thicker (about 3 credit cards thin), CF is available up to 8 gigabytes.
Best Camcorders xD Card: This is the newest addition to the flash memory card race, developed jointly by Fuji and Olympus.  These things just keep getting smaller...



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