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Absolutely Mini Digital Camera

Mini Digital Cameras The sensational Precision Mini Digital Camera is by far the smallest Digital camera we have ever seen, it really is about the size of a matchbox, yet it somehow manages to pack a whole range of great features into its absolutely tiny package!

N.B. Please note that colours of the Mini Digital Camera may vary.

For a Digital Camera that's this small, totally jammed with features and just so much fun, you'd normally pay a whole lot more than our incredible price.

Join the Digital Camera Revolution Today...

Now thanks to Serif and the amazing Precision Mini Digital Camera, you don't have to be rich and you don't have to be a computer genius to enjoy digital photography!

Digital cameras are gaining huge popularity with families and businesses because they give you the instant gratification of...

  • Seeing your pictures right away on your PC!
  • Sharing your photos immediately with your family, friends, colleagues and clients anywhere over the World Wide Web!
  • Enhancing your photos with dazzling digital effects!
  • Storing your photos in instant-access digital albums!
  • Printing photos on your color printer or posting them easily on your business or personal Web site!

The trouble is, digital cameras are usually expensive. And the software needed to manipulate photos is pricey too, and can take a real computer whiz to understand and use. But those days are over! This amazing deal from Serif lets you catch the wave of digital photography right now for just a fraction of the cost of other solutions. Even if you've got a digital camera already, the Precision Mini Digital Camera is such great fun and great value, it's the perfect gift or backup camera, and ideal for taking anywhere where you wouldn't usually think of bringing along your more expensive main digital camera.

The amazing Precision Mini Digital Camera gives you instant images with no film, no waiting for development, and no expensive processing charges! You get everything you need to take UNLIMITED instant pictures no extra cost! Plus, you can do so many new things that you could with a so called "instant" camera: instantly copy your photos, e-mail them to your friends, or post them onto your Web site. No photo processing, no waiting, no driving and no need for a scanner, either. You'll save so much time and money!

So small and so much fun...

You might expect a camera this small and this cheap to produce really poor quality images, but while we can't see David Bailey switching to using one of them, the Precision Mini Digital Camera produces great little photos which are ideal for sending to your friends via e-mail or uploading to your Web site.

On the right you can see some of the photos we took while testing this little beauty and even though we've compressed them so they download quickly, we think they look OK, especially considering they were taken using a digital camera that's so small, it fits in almost any pocket.

And what's more the amazing Precision Mini Digital Camera also manages to pack 2 other great features into its miniature package...


And the Precision Mini Digital Camera isn't just a Digital Camera, it's a WebCam too. So as well as all the advantages of digital still photography, with the Mini Camera, you can also send live videos to friends, family and clients via e-mail or participate in online video conferences right from your PC. Simply attach the Precision Mini Digital Camera to your computer and you can send live videos anywhere in the world, you could even set it up as a security device to monitor your home or office...

Digital Camcorder:

And that's not all - as well as being a digital still camera and WebCam, the Precision Mini Digital Camera is also probably the world's smallest Digital Camcorder, which you can use to record full motion videos when it's not connected to your PC. Shoot your own video anytime, any place, then download it later to your PC. You can record 10 seconds of video with the Mini Camera, capture those important moments for posterity...

Mini Digital Cameras Tiny Size, Enormous Fun Potential!

The incredible Mini Camera is so tiny you can take it just about anywhere!

It will fit into your shirt pocket, trouser pocket, in fact just about any small space you can imagine and it even comes with its own key ring, so you can attach it to your belt or carry it around with your keys.

And of course being so small means the Precision Mini Digital Camera has great potential for taking pictures in places and at times when people wouldn't normally expect you to have a camera. It's perfect for catching your friends and family unawares, or taking sneaky pictures of your boss or colleagues when they least expect it... Just imagine the fun you could have with this amazing device.

The Precision Mini Digital Camera is simple to connect to your PC and it even comes with a Free USB cable so it's a snap to download your images.

Plus, this incredible value package even comes with a Free carry pouch and Free photo-editing software too!

Check out the Mini Camera's specs...


  • High Quality: store up to 20 photos (352 x 288 resolution)
  • Low Quality: store up to 80 photos (176 x 144 resolution)
  • CMOS sensor: 100k Pixels
  • Built-in retractable optical viewfinder: to frame your photos.
  • LCD control panel: Indicates number of pictures remaining, High/low quality status, Continuous shoot mode, Auto-shoot mode and delete all images.
  • FREE carry pouch
  • FREE Ulead PhotoExpress Software
  • FREE USB cable
  • Dimensions: 58mm x 41mm x 15mm (that's really tiny to you and me).
  • Weight: 40g (very, very light indeed).
  • Requires 1 x AAA battery.
  • System Requirements: Windows 98/2000/Me/XP, 32MB RAM, USB port, CD-ROM Drive



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